Hi, my name is Sharan Ram.  I am 42 years of age. I live with my family on the island of Taveuni ( also known as the Garden island) in Fiji.

It’s the third largest island in Fiji and is famous for its beautiful scenery, crystal clear waters and relatively undisturbed natural environment.

I have a farmhouse in Taveuni and live with my sister and my mother.  Taveuni Island is like the adventure capital of Fiji.

I am nature lover and also passionate about meeting new people and also showing them around and that is why I joined Culture Connect as a host.

I also have a car as well as a land cruiser so transportation is not an issue for me to provide.

Things to see and do:

Waitavala Natural Rock Waterslide

This is and awesome natural slide is a ton of fun. Slide down on your bum or attempt it standing up, like the local kids. Either way, you’ll end up in a small pool at the bottom. 

Waitabu Marine Park

These crystal-clear waters are home to the most amazing marine species you may ever see. In 1998 the Waitabu Village of Taveuni declared its fishing grounds or “qoliqoli” to be “tabu”, a no-take fishing zone.

Tavoro Waterfalls ( Waterfall in Bouma National Heritage Park)

Framed by thick, ridiculously green jungle, these three waterfalls (also known as the Bouma Falls) epitomise the ‘Garden Island’ epithet Taveuni is famous for. The first waterfall (24m) has a change area, picnic tables and barbecues; it’s an easy stroll from the visitors centre. It’s a 30-minute climb (and river-rock hop) to the second one; the third involves a hike along an oft-muddy forest path for another 20 minutes. 

Blow hole and tuna reef

At the very southern tip of the island, this dramatic natural feature is created by water rushing in between black volcanic rocks on the edge of coral-rich Vuna Reef, fantastic for snorkeling. It’s also in the vicinity of quiet beaches ideal for a picnic lunch. At low tide, you can climb over rocks to get closer to the blow-hole, but it’s not recommended.On Taveuni’s dramatic, windswept South Cape. As the water jumps up through the volcanic rock it creates rainbows in the air.

Birdwatching in Taveuni

Taveuni is one of Fiji’s best areas for birdwatching. Over 100 species of bird can be found here. one can  try Des Voeux Peak at dawn for a chance to see the rare orange dove (the male is bright orange with a green head, while the female is mostly green) and the silktail. Avid birdwatchers can also visit the Vidawa Rainforest Trail. On the Matei side of the village, you can see parrots and fantails, particularly in August and September when they’re nesting. The deep-red feathers of the kula parrot were once an important trade item with the Tongans. The forested Lavena coast is also a good spot to see orange or flame doves, Fiji goshawks, wattled honeyeaters, and grey and white herons.

Lavena coastal walk

The 5km Lavena Coastal Walk follows the forest edge along stunning white-sand Lavena beach, then a volcanic black-sand beach, past peaceful villages, before climbing up through a landscape straight out of Jurassic Park to a gushing waterfall. There’s some good snorkelling and kayaking here and Lavena Point is fine for swimming.

Food and Accommodation

I am happy to accommodate any special request and can have up to 4 guests staying here. We can plan a trip itinerary of places you would like to visit, depending on the number of days you would like to stay for. I accept guests to stay for no shorter than 3 days.

July 2019
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Please email: info@culture-connect.org to organise dates and payment options